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Gold and Silver Collection - Symbiose

Given the ever-growing consumer demand for sterling silver, it is no wonder that our designer chose to develop his new collection with this precious metal.

The SYMBIOSE Collection is the perfect marriage of sterling silver with yellow or pink gold, depending on the piece. The majority of the pieces in the collection are adorned with dazzling stones inspired by major trends in fashion and on the world’s most coveted red carpets.

The SYMBIOSE Collection presents bold and contemporary pieces that reflect the behavior, mood and personality of the women who wear them. The designs can be dramatic or more formal, discreet during the day or elegant at night, to complement a beautiful dress.

Invoking the highest creative standards, the SYMBIOSE Collection was developed using refined silversmithing techniques, combined with sophisticated production equipment that, together, deliver exceptional quality, style and comfort.

The jewels in the collection have been crafted according to the highest finishing standards. Every piece receives two layers of plating, one of palladium and one of rhodium. This coating prevents oxidation of the metal and eliminates the allergy risks often associated with wearing silver. Thus, our jewels are both durable and hypoallergenic!

The new sterling silver and gold SYMBIOSE jewellery collection from Baron Designs is synonymous with contemporary elegance, sophistication and gracious charm… is yours to discover.

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