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Selling your Gold

We buy your old jewellery!

Every time a new customer comes to the workshop for a jewellery repair or a custom-made model, I ask them the following question: “Tell me, do you have any jewellery that you no longer wear?”

Usually, the answer is yes or…probably! Jewellery that is broken, outdated, or worn out; an inheritance, for example…

Even though we can repair and refurbish them or transform them and give them a second life, when we explain to the customer our process for buying back their old jewellery, in many cases, they prefer to sell their pieces and have the money to use as they desire.

Gold has doubled in price over the past few years and, more than ever, jewellery sitting in the safe at the bank or at the bottom of a drawer should be sold for its gold value, if there is no longer any interest in the item of course!

Recovering gold is a necessity when considering the ecological impact of gold mining. Therefore, recycling gold helps reduce our environmental footprint!

The trust that our customers have been placing in us for over 30 years is a key factor in our approach to buying back gold. The entire appraisal process is carried out in front of the customer, free of charge and with no obligation.

Thus, the first step is to determine the purity of the gold in the jewellery (10-14-18K ++) and its weight. This step is crucial because the price of the “scrap” (term used in the industry for used metals sold to a refinery) will differ depending on the gold’s karat. To do this, we use a specific acid test, which enables us to assess the purity of the metal (karat).

Once this step is complete, all the jewellery/pieces/items are weighed based on their purity.


At Baron Designs, we remove the stones from all jewellery, allowing us to weigh each piece accurately. We will not estimate the weight based on the stones on the jewellery. This kind of “estimation” reduces, unfortunately for you, the weight of the metal. Not to mention that those who give you the value of the gold “scrap” price instead of removing the stones are no better! For example, the price of a diamond is far more expensive than the price of gold. You will therefore lose out by leaving the stones on your jewellery when selling it for the metal’s weight.

All of these points are important, and we make every effort to explain our gold buy-back process in order to build the customer’s trust.

Finally, we use the daily gold price (based on the Stock Exchange price) to give the total value of what the customer wants to sell. We give the money to the customer, or we can use a portion or all of the amount for another piece of jewellery that will fully satisfy the customer.