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Rhodium Plating

At Baron Designs, all our silver and white gold jewellery is rhodium plated. Inevitably…every time we mention this word, our clients question us.

So, what is rhodium?

It’s a precious metal, like gold, silver, and platinum, but VERY expensive! In fact, don’t be surprised to learn that it is the most expensive precious metal. The reason for this is that it is VERY rare in nature. It is found only as a by-product of mining other metals, such as platinum. Its price is VERY volatile because its availability is directly linked to the supply and demand of platinum. In 2022, rhodium was almost 10 times more expensive than gold!!! Investors beware: rhodium is not the most stable of investments.

Note for those who may wonder why we don’t make jewellery out of rhodium (like with gold, for example).

Very simple...pure rhodium is extremely friable and brittle, which makes it difficult to manipulate. However, despite these particularities, rhodium is highly sought after in jewellery as a plating material since it gives a higher shine to items made of silver and white gold and for its finishing properties. It is harder than silver and gold, providing an excellent protective layer against scratches.

The biggest advantage, however, is that it does not tarnish and requires no special cleaning. On white gold, plating helps preserve the shine longer. With sterling silver, the plating will prevent the metal from oxidizing (turning black) and also ensures that the brilliance will last. It is also an excellent suggestion for customers with allergies to silver because it completely covers the jewellery and prevents direct contact with the metal.

Don’t forget that rhodium plating is an added value to your jewellery and should be sought for your jewellery’s finish.

Although very resistant, the plating doesn’t last forever and must be redone every 12 to 24 months, depending on the jewellery’s amount of wear and tear.

Note that we also offer gold plating (yellow and rose) as well as sterling silver plating.

We offer this service at a very competitive price!