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Certificate of appraisal

When buying high-end jewellery, many people want to take out insurance in case of theft or loss.

At Baron Designs, we will provide you with a certificate of appraisal upon request, issued by a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified gemologist. This certificate indicates the specifications of your jewellery and will be an valuable asset if, by misfortune, your jewellery is stolen or lost (pre-emptive appraisal of the replacement value).

A certificate also expedites the claims process with your insurance.

A certificate can also be helpful for obtaining an appraisal for stones and jewellery in the context of a distribution (succession or donation).

All appraisals are confidential, and only the person who requested it will receive the document.

An additional fee is charge for this service and will vary based on the type of appraisal to be done. We will confirm the price with you before performing the work, at no obligation to you.

Replacement cost estimate for lost or stolen jewellery

No certificate?

However, if you don’t have a certificate of appraisal, we can provide you with a quote for reproducing your item of jewellery based on the photos you have and the details of the stones on it.

Finally, we also have a customer file that we keep and that can be used to prepare a quote if necessary.

In both cases, fees are charged for these services.