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Jewellery Transformation

How many pieces of jewellery are lying in the bottom of drawers or safes without ever seeing the light of day?

There are many reasons for this, but the most popular ones are that the jewelry is broken, out of fashion or inherited and does not suit the person who has it!

In general, there is also an attachment, a sentimental value, especially to jewelry that belonged to the family and that also have a unique history.


Rather than leaving these jewels in the dark, why not give them a second life by creating a unique piece that resembles you and that will have your soul? This is what we advocate and what we call ''The transformation in jewelry''.

We keep the essential of the jewel, that is to say the metal that we make refine and the stones. In the case of an inheritance especially, the link is still there but especially, the model will be appropriate henceforth.

From the simple modification to the creation of a new jewel, we are specialized in the metamorphosis of pieces in noble metals with or without stones.