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On metal or on a stone, engraving allows you to personalize your jewelry. Our experts will do a precision work, by hand or by laser, according to your request, whether it is a ring, bracelet, pendant/medal or other.

In addition, we specialize in heraldic engraving on stone and/or metal. This type of engraving allows us to create artistic works that will last a lifetime. These are miniature sculptures engraved in negative, upside down, on a precious stone or on metal (gold, silver).

It is especially appreciated for monogrammed jewelry and signet rings.

Crossing generations and especially respecting traditions, the heraldic signet ring is a highly coveted jewel. Witness of a lineage, of a family, a historical jewel that you will be proud to wear and display your family crest, in today's modern world.

This allows for infinitely small details and great precision. Particularly suitable for dark stones such as onyx, moonstone, lapis lazuli, carnelian, jasper,...

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